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I am Stephen D Covey, Futurist, Realtor, webmaster, rock hound, science fiction fan and science fiction writer. My fiction tends to be fast-paced, near-future, hard-science fiction, also called techno-thrillers.

I am not Stephen R Covey.  He took my good name and parlayed it into millions of dollars.  His degrees are in business, mine is in physics. He writes self-help; I write techno-thrillers and science fiction, plus my ramblings on the future and my web pages on rocks and minerals.  I am delighted that Dr. Covey published his first book when he was about my age (57 as I write this); I'm not over the hill yet.  If you are seeking his books, I can recommend these:

The "Reading SF" link to the left reviews a few of my favorite books.  I recommend the following sources of books, not only for the books I recommend but for reading in general.

I believe in eBooks; my PocketPC keeps a library of more than 50 novels and short stories close and convenient.  I buy most of them from Fictionwise - they carry a lot of short stories and a large selection of science fiction. This is possibly the best source of short stories, novellas and the like. Since they sell individual novellas, novelettes, shorts, and even flash fiction, this allows me to create the SF reader's equivalent of a mix tape.  Also, the leading eBook readers allow you to listen to the stories - your computer reads them to you.  Just another reason to buy eBooks.

Speaking of eBooks. has an appealing eBook reader called Kindle. It downloads books wirelessly in only a minute without requiring a Wi-Fi hotspot, and uses ePaper which doesn't use a backlight and can be read even in direct sunlight. Add a long battery life and room for hundreds (or thousands) of eBooks, and Kindle is appealing, indeed. You can get access to over 100,000 books, magazines, newspapers, Wikipedia, and even blogs updated wirelessly throughout the day. Be sure to check out the videos that shows Kindle in use.

The specific books listed on these pages have links to, where both new and used books may be purchased.